Spotting a Scam

There have been many shows lately that are listed on Social Media that are either Fake or a real show being hijacked by a Scammer. Here are some tips to spot a fake show or scammer:

Spotting a Scammer:

  • Bad grammar, no punctuation, no spaces between words, typographical errors
  • Generally sloppy flyer with missing information
  • Prices that seem too low or too high for the type of event.
  • Overly generic email addresses
    • Ex. allkindvendor@gmail;;; etc.
  • Locations that don’t sound right – google the address – some are empty lots, warehouses, etc.
  • Asking for payment by CashApp, Venmo, or Paypal (although, legitimate fairs do ask for payment this way sometimes)
  • Pressuring to get payment from you.  

Things to do to determine if it’s a scam or a real event:

  • Check the FB profile of the person posting.  They may have no friends listed, have not been on FB long, or is from somewhere outside of CT or even another country – actually put the name into the search bar and look at their personal FB page.
  • Check to see if there is an actual event on FB, maybe with another promoter, and contact that other promoter.
  • If it is a venue, organization, or town, check on their websites. If it is a legitimate event, there should be info on their website, including the correct contact person/organizer.
  • Call the venue and ask if there is an event on that date and who the actual contact person/organizer is.
  • Search FB for past dates and reviews of the show advertised.
  • Ask in FB  groups if anyone has ever heard of the event.

Are there other ways to spot a scammer or tips to spot a fake event?  Let us know at

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